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Lincoln Highway Garage

at Fadely’s Auto Masters

“The mural was a thought, which turned into an idea and then became reality” quoted Tom Fadely, owner of Fadely’s Auto Masters. The exact picture wasn’t so clear, until the Lincoln Highway Garage came into the news regarding its closing and a Turkey Hill going in its place. Then Tom and his wife knew what was going on the wall. Gary Gladflelter, a local painter, was informed by a mutual friend and after talking to the Fadely’s, agreed to take on the task. The next step was to contact Lynn Haines, owner of Lincoln Highway Garage, and receive permission to capture and preserve the history of his family’s business.

Work began on the project in late April 2004 and finished in early June 2004, the photos are what he used as the inspiration. There was a dedication on June 25 to unveil the painting to the public. On the left side of the photograph is a scroll with the inscription, “In Honor of those whose insight was to succeed through dedication, skill and ability for the future generations.” This is a tremendous achievement and the legacy of the Lincoln Highway Garage, which began in 1921 and was the gateway to the city of York, will be remembered forever. The mural has received quite a bit of attention since its unveiling and can be seen by driving east on West Market Street from Route 30. And since the lights have been installed, it can be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.