If you haven't already, it is now time to start thinking about Christmas! And nothing smells more like Christmas than the scent of having a genuine Pine or Fir tree in your home. Unfortunately, getting the tree home from the farm is the most challenging task. Once you nail these tips below, you'll be smooth sailing into the holidays!

  1. Wear your gloves. You will want to guard your hands against the sharp pine needles and sticky sap. Also, it would be a good idea to wear long sleeves.
  2. Have it netted at the lot to make the transporting process more manageable and protect it from the wind and external forces.
  3. Protect your car's exterior and the tree's foliage by placing a tarp or blanket on the roof or bed of your vehicle.
  4. The tree trunk should always be facing towards the front end of the car for a seamless drive.
  5. Please bring plenty of rope or cord to wrap around the tree and secure it to the roof.
  6. Give the tree a good, strong pull before leaving the lot to ensure it is sufficiently tightened.
  7. NEVER set a tree inside your vehicle. The tree can be irritating and distracting. Also, the pine needs will leave a massive mess inside your car, making it difficult to clean up!
  8. Drive slowly and avoid the highway path if possible, especially if you aren't familiar or experienced with hauling heavy items. If you speed, your tree may get damaged or (worse) get sent flying off your car.

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Written by Fadely's Auto Masters