Dirty fuel injectors can lead to major problems for you if they've gone unnoticed. Your fuel injectors are responsible for working with your fuel filter and fuel pump to provide the engine with an adequate supply of clean fuel. Over time, the fuel injector will naturally get dirty, necessitating a fuel system cleaning. How do you know when it's time to have your fuel injectors cleaned? Below are several warning symptoms that your car may display as a result of poor fuel injectors:

Lowered Gas Mileage

If you notice that your MPG is lower than usual, there may be something wrong with the fuel-burning process. One of those problems could be related to a failing fuel system. It is important to note that many other factors, including poor driving habits, can affect your mileage too. It is best to take your car to a trusted auto repair shop to be sure.

Engine Misfires

In some cases, dirty fuel injectors can provoke your engine to misfire. These are caused by improper air and fuel mixture within the motor. Misfires may occur with unusual sounds and random vibrations.

Rough Idling

When your vehicle shakes and sputters when you come to a stop, it may signal that your fuel injector is corrupted. Usually, with rough idling, you will see the RPM needle jumping rapidly.

Problem with Car Starts

A bad fuel injector won't be able to deliver a consistent flow of fuel to the cylinders and power the engine. If your tank has gas and your engine won't start, then your injector could be the problem.

Lit Check Engine Light

Though a check engine light can mean various things, you should have it checked out because it's on for an important reason.

If you catch any of the symptoms above, please bring your car to Fadely's Auto Masters for an inspection. We are the top choice in fuel injection services in York, PA.

Written by Fadely's Auto Masters