Keeping You Cool: A Team Effort

Your vehicle's air conditioning system works to keep you cool and comfortable. You turn it on and expect it to blow cold air, so it seems as if it's a single unit performing a much-appreciated service for you. In reality, the magic happens through a team effort. Multiple components work together to maintain that pleasant temperature. If anything goes wrong with one of them, the system may blow warm air or fail to work at all. For car AC repair as well as the services that can help prevent system breakdown, count on Fadely's Auto Masters in York, Pennsylvania.

Parts and Jobs

When you think of your auto's AC as a team, the compressor is the captain. That's because it serves multiple functions. It detects the temperature on both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. This allows it to keep up with and direct the air temperature that's blown into your passenger cabin. Also, the compressor pressurizes refrigerant so you can use it to cool the air. Finally, it moves air to the condenser. This part is similar to a small radiator. It helps cool the heated refrigerant and moves the cooled liquid along to the accumulator or dryer. If your system has an expansion valve, the system employs a dryer. An accumulator is found on models with an orifice tube. Though they work a bit differently, these components take moisture out and send dry air along. (Left unseparated, moisture could enter and damage the compressor.) The evaporator uses the refrigerant to cool air just before being blown through vents into the passenger cabin.

Reliable AC Repair for All The Components

Whether you need a system inspection and preventive services or specific repair for an air conditioner malfunction, you can rely on Fadely's Auto Masters. Since 1977, our ASE-certified technicians have provided dependable, trustworthy car care for almost every make and model. Our mantra has always been to treat every automobile as if it were our own.

Written by Fadely's Auto Masters