Car filters clean the air that enters the engine and if you have dirty filters, you could endanger the operation of your engine as well. There are plenty of signs that tell you there is something going on with the engine and the filters. Here are a few to watch out for as you drive down the road.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

You should keep track of how many miles you get per gallon of gas and if you notice your vehicle take a nosedive on fuel efficiency, it's important to figure out why that's the case. The filters are an easy thing for mechanics to check and to change out. They could cause a drop in fuel economy so they are important to watch.

Engine Misfiring

If you don't have enough air supply in your engine, it could be from the dirty filters. The engine could misfire or not start properly and if you don't change the filters, it could cause a lot larger issues down the road.

Check Engine Light Comes On

There are lots of warning lights that could illuminate in your vehicle and it's important to pay attention to any of them, but especially the check engine light. Don't worry right away because that light can come on for lots of reasons. But you will want to get it checked out quickly. Filters are easy to fix and if that's all there is to it, you can be relieved.

Reduced Power

You know how your vehicle feels when you accelerate and if you feel like you don't have the power you used to, it could be because the air is struggling to get through the filters, which are dirty and in need of a change.

When you are seeing some of these signs and air filter replacement is a possibility, call our auto repair shop and we will take a look, diagnose the issue, and get the filters changed out. We can also give you an idea as to how often filters need to be changed out so you can be proactive next time they need changing.

Written by Fadely's Auto Masters