Dust? From the Brakes? Are You Serious?

Maybe you've noticed a dark layer of dirt on your wheel rims. If you bent down to touch it, you likely came away with soiled fingers. What could that be? Brake dust. While some vehicles produce more than others, excessive brake dust or significantly more accumulation on one wheel than another could point to an underlying brake condition. The ASE-certified technicians at Fadely's Auto Masters in York, Pennsylvania, can help you with most makes and models of cars, trucks, or SUVs. Rely on us for all your brake service and repair needs.

How and Why Does This Happen?

Brake dust is generated as the brake pads of modern disc brakes wear down. These pads are consumable items designed to wear away as the friction between the pad and disc (also called the rotor) stops the car. (Most of today's automobiles have disc brakes, at least on the front wheels. Some have them on all four wheels, while others have drum brakes on the rear.) For some drivers, the fine layer of byproduct is barely noticeable, yet the wheels of some vehicles display thicker coatings of the sprayed substance.) If you notice excessive and increased amounts of this dark powder on your wheels, your pads may be wearing away more quickly than expected. It's smart to bring your car in for a brake system inspection. If one wheel is a lot nastier than the other, it almost always indicates a problem with the brake caliper on that wheel. The caliper holds the brake pad. When the brake fluid force in the wheel cylinder increases as you apply brakes, the caliper shoves the metal pad against the rotor to stop your vehicle. If the caliper is working improperly, it may extend too far (forcing that particular pad harder against the rotor) or become stuck (keeping the pad engaged with the rotor). If the caliper is malfunctioning, it usually requires replacement.

Where Can You Get Great Brake Repair?

If you need brake inspection, routine preventive maintenance services such as brake fluid exchange, or a brake repair such as pad replacement or new caliper, visit Fadely's Auto Masters. We provide superior work for a reasonable price, and we back our work with a generous warranty.

Written by Fadely's Auto Masters