The smartphone has become a fundamental part of our lives, and it extends to our driving experience. Nearly every car manufacturer has started to incorporate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into their vehicles. Meanwhile, the app stores within our phones offer an assortment of apps that have taken the place of the traditional paper road map. We've compiled a list of apps that every driver should incorporate into their daily transportation routine. The best part is they are all FREE.

Here are the top 5 apps that every driver should have:


The rivalry between Apple Maps and Google Maps can be intense as they offer clean designs. However, those navigation apps don't even come close to the convenience of Waze. This app delivers turn-by-turn navigation as the others do, but its strength offers real-time, user-submitted data. As a result, you can see traffic conditions instantaneously. Other app users, called "Wazers," can also flag hazards like hidden police traps, potholes, and even scary roadkill.


Navigation apps help with directions, but when you get to your destination, where do you park? The Parkopedia app seeks out spots and rates readily with an enormous database of more than 70 million parking localities in over 15,000 cities.


Gas seems like it is always on the rise, but you can be sure to count on Gasbuddy to help you save some coins. This app allows its users to find and upload the best gas prices in their area. You can also join the app's exclusive pay program to save at least five cents per gallon, as well as get additional services like roadside assistance.


This Microsoft-owned app lets you effortlessly track and record your driving distance and travel expenses for work. It will significantly save you time and effort when tax season comes around.


Roadtrippers is an all-in-one app to help you streamline the road trip planning process. You can bookmark itineraries, collaborate with other travelers, easily find your pit stops, and get reviews for millions of destinations along the way.

We guarantee that some of these smartphone apps will change your driving experience forever - you can thank us later. If you require auto maintenance or repair services, bring your vehicle to Fadely's Auto Masters.

Written by Fadely's Auto Masters