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Don’t Let an Automotive Service Tie Up Your Day

Ask About Our Loaner Cars

Have someplace to go? Fadely’s Auto Masters won’t stop you. In fact, we’ll give you the keys. While we service your vehicle, take a free loaner car out. Ask our team for more details the next time you’re with us, or call (717) 792-1596 for more information now.

Stay on the Road when Your Car’s Not

Life is busy. It’s hard enough trying to be everywhere at once when you have a vehicle, let alone when you’re without one. If you need to pick up the kids in York, see to some business in Dover, or keep your plans with a friend in Spring Grove, then do it.

At Fadely’s Auto Masters, we care about your experience and want our auto repair shop to be a convenience in your life. Speak with a member of our team about our loaner cars today.